Christmas 2018

The end 0f our third year and thanks to all the friends and family who came and shared the world of basketry. Thanks too to those who brought us baskets for the museum!

We had several workshops and a few tours. The most memorable was when the St. Andrews Society came from Ottawa. They arrived on the day that the caterpilas were dropping by the dozen out of the maple tree in the garden, and landing on our heads and shoulders. A new experience for most!

Our most productive event was making a rush mat for the museum. A group of us braided an eleven strand braid, which was later sewn together to make a mate about 48” by 36”

How to make a willow Christmas tree and star

You need: approx. 20 willow rods about 30 – 36” long for stakes and pairing around the base and star. Several short fine pcs. for the random weaving, you can als use the tips of the stakes.

You need to make a base to start the tree.

Use a 10x10” scrape of 1/2” lumber.

Make a 9” circle on the base, and mark 12 dots evenly around the circle. Using a drill make holes the right size of the base of the willow rods.


Stand the willow rods up in the holes, and pair around the base for an inch or so. Wrap the top of the tree at the preferred height and cut off the tips.

Fill in the tree with random weaving, .

Remove the tree from the woo0den base and even up the base.


Use one rod about 24” long and follow the diagram below. .

  1. Using your thumb nail, kink the rod in equal lengths. Bend into this shape.

  2. Take the end under and over as shown.

  3. Kink the end and take it back to the beginning under and and over. You can twist the end around itself and then place it on top of the tree.

  4. Happy Christmas!