Basketry grapevine bird feeder

On this very cold winter day, my thoughts go out to the little birds, and here is an idea just for them..

By enclosing their feeder inside the grapevine globe, the big pushy birds, like pidgins and blue jays, cannot get into the seed supply and scratch it all onto the ground..

To make the globe

Firstly, you will have to collect a good handful of grapevine. You also need a few twist ties and a small bird feeder to hang inside,

The next step is to make 2 circles and tie them together with twist ties. (See photo)

Then using the long finer pieces,start encircling the globe, it is easier to start in the middle of a long piece rather than at the end. The plan is to weave over and under in a random technique, and if necessary, you can use more twist ties. Don’t forget to put in the bird feeder before you have done a lot of the weaving.

You will need to get your hands in to replenish the seed supply so remember this while you are weaving the top of the globe.

This bird feeder looks beautiful covered with snow.

In the summer, the grapevine globe can be used to hold a flower pot.